Did you know SwiftKey gets a name update and Emoji 12 Support

What you should need to know about SwiftKey I mean Microsoft SwiftKey

  • SwiftKey is now known as Microsoft SwiftKey.
  • The identify change rolled out to SwiftKey Beta last week and is now within the public model of the app.
  • The update that brings the new updated name also brings the support for Emoji 12.
  • Microsoft bought this SwiftKey in 2016.

microsoft swiftkey

SwiftKey is now often known as Microsoft SwiftKey, including Microsoft’s identify to the app after being bought by Microsoft 4 years in the past. The identify change seems on the Google Play itemizing for SwiftKey, however,ย hasn’t rolled out to the iOS model but. The identify changeย appeared on the beta version of SwiftKeyย last week and is now on the general public model of the app.

Along with including Microsoft to the app’s identify, SwiftKey now helps Emoji 12.zero and has a brand new icon. Vishnu Nath, associate director of PM Microsoft Cellular & X-System experiences, shared the information of the identify change and replace on Twitter.

Microsoft purchased SwiftKey in 2016 and its user base has grown since purchase. SwiftKey hit 500 million users by the end of 2019.


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