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Shadowgun War Games

Shadowgun War Games is the latest game in the Shadow Gun series. Shadowgan War Game is a competitive multiplayer first-person shooter game for the Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch platforms. This game is developed by Madfinger Games.
The Shadowgun war games have some unique heroes with their own special weapons and abilities. These unique abilities make this game one step ahead of other war games. The game has different characters and unique abilities so you have to make proper coordination between your teammates only then you can win the game.
Madfinger has targeted the game for a 60fps frame rate, and with this frame rate, gaming devices or more will play the game more easily.
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Shadogun War Games

Heroes Of Shadowgun War Games And Their Abilities

Shadowgun War Games currently have 5 heroes: –

  • John Slade
  • Jet
  • SARA
  • Willow
  • Revenant


John Slade is a solder who is a retired Federation Marine and experienced countless battles, his intelligence and combat ability compelled him to join the game of war.
He can throw grenades and has self-healing ability, he has ASIFULT RIFLE as a primary weapon and RIOTER SMG as secondary.


Jet is the speedster of this game. For Jet, time is everything … Although Jet is not the strongest hero of the Shadowgun War Games, Jet relies on his speed and quick thinking to attack his opponents.
He can teleport a short distance in the direction he is looking and travel in an alternate timeline where no one can harm him.
Their primary weapon is the “GRYPHON MACHINE PISTOL” which is a very accurate and fast-firing machine pistol, best for mid-range combat and the secondary weapon is the “JABBERWOCK SHOTGUN” which is an extremely powerful shotgun that brutally shoots enemies. Destroys closely.


SARA, she is the MEDIC in this war game, her main role is to support her team. she has a metal suit and is equipped with a powerful rocket launcher. “She has saved many lives”
She can deploy a protective dome and can also throw healing grenades that can heal her comrades.
Her primary weapon is the ASCLEPIUS ROCKET LAUNCHER which has two rocket magazines and has a lot of explosive damage, which can be used against groups of enemies. The EPIONE SMG is her secondary SMG weapon.


She is the best sniper in this war games. She came from hell and became one of the deadliest snipers in the galaxy. You will die before you spot her.
She can deploy FLASH MINE that can blind her enemies, and her SUPERCHARGE bullet causes extra damage.
The AVENGER SNIPER rifle is her primary weapon which is very accurate and has a lot of damage and LYNX SMG is secondary SMG gun.


He is a member of a slave alien race. On roaring, he can make slow and disorient players in front of him in a 90-degree arc. He can also increase his speed.
The RAVAGER MACHINE GUN is his primary weapon which is a very accurate machine gun with a huge magazine. The ZEALOT KINETIC REPEATER is his secondary submachine weapon.

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