PUBG Mobile ‘Cold Front Survival’ Mode is Finally Coming on April 16

PUBG Mobile ‘Cold Front Survival’ Mode is Finally Coming on April 16

There were rumours about the “extreme cold mode” among the gaming community for a long time, which is now going to be true. As has just been revealed, ‘Cold Front Survival’ is coming very soon from PUBG Mobile’s social media post, which will be released on 16 April, which is going to come very soon.

If you have ever heard of this ‘Cold Front Survival’ mode, then you must have also heard that this ‘Cold Front Survival’ mode was going to come in the season 12 update but it did not happen, but there is something new about it. This update is coming on 16 April.

As it is revealed, after the introduction of this ‘Cold Front Survival’ mode, PUBG players will have to avoid the extreme cold in the Vikendi map and only the player who remains till the end will get Chicken Dinner.

Some people also believe that ‘Cold Front Survival’ mode can be played not only in Vikendi map but also in Erangel map.

How to play in Cold Front Survival Mode in PUBG

Players have to survive in this very cold environment, only then will they get a chicken dinner. In this mode, the players will have to chop wood so that they can escape by setting them on fire at the time of snowstorm.

You have to hunt animals in this mode so that you can survive at the time of snowstorm and you will also have to kill and escape your opponents.

In this mode, you will also get the drone. With the help of the drone, you can locate animals and when the time comes, you can also kill them. In this mode, you will get the same old weapons, throwables and vehicles like all other modes. All players have to survive from the snowstorm several times till the end. You will get to know before the arrival of a snowstorm as you know the red zone and blue zone

This complete information is taken from the (Chinese version of PUBG  Mobile)

This Cold Front Survival mode will be available from April 16 for all the PUBG Mobile players. We might see a few small updates coming our way which will bring the new mode.


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